Bridesmaids and Flower girls


For my bridesmaids, I want them to have a dress that they can wear again. I let them choose the style of the gown that they want because I know that one design will not fit all, because each of them have different frame. I’m still traditional so I want them to wear floor length gowns.


This is for my Maid of honor Carrize, by the way I have two MOH 🙂


This one is for Ron


This venus style gown is for Kyrin.


This is for my Junior bridesmaid AC.

All of the gowns will be in color blue. I choose satin and chiffon for the fabric. Though they have different styles I want them to have something in common so I added waist embellishments for the gown 🙂

For the flower girls, this will be the design only difference is I want it to be round neck instead of chinese collar kasi baka mainitan sila.



The Wedding Dress – Part III


Done with my second fitting yesterday. I can say, the gown makes me excited for the wedding. It’s 50% percent done, I can see already how pretty the gown will look after it’s done. I got teary eyed when I tried it on yesterday, Hana did a great job. I told her, “pwede na ko rumampa sa church” because it looks pretty na kahit di pa tapos. 

I will bring a camera next fitting because taking pictures from Itouch doesn’t give justice to Hana’s creation:)


too much stomach in?? haha! The gown with chantilly lace then the bottom part is duchess satin. Hana taking down notes.


konting adjustments pa 🙂


uber straight body 🙂 Kyrin on the background


love the train, it’s just right not too long, I can still move on it.


This time with tulle overlay this gives the gown matte finish 🙂 ang itim ko pala, kelangan na maggluta LOL!

Special thanks to my two bridesmaids Kyrin and Ahdee for accompanying me yesterday! mwah!

Wedding dress inspiration


Planning what to wear for my wedding day is actually the easiest part for me because I already know what I want for my wedding dress, from silhouette, fabric to be used and details. For a small frame like mine, I know what will work for my body and which will not. Petite girls like me have limited options to choose from for a wedding dress. I got all the ideas I just need to get a picture of what I want I browse through the internet to look for inspirations :

1. I love lace… Elegant and Classy

wedding dress by Enzoani, courtesy of

wedding dress by Lela Rose, courtesy of

2. Trumpet/Mermaid dress – I want to have shapes when I wear my dress, and this is also a good option for me because I’m petite. Ball gowns and other silhouette will just make look smaller. 🙂

wedding dress Alice Padrul, courtesy of

3. Waist embellishments – At first I want to have a belt for my gown but the idea wears off because I realized I don’t like belt pala, so instead I want to have waist embellishments na lang. 🙂

wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier, courtesy of

4. Illusion Backs and Back Story – I told Hana I want to have a gumagapang na lace at the back of my dress. I want my back to look pretty so if the photographer captures my back maganda parin tingnan 🙂

christos lace illusion back, wedding dress bridal market events navigation

wedding gown by Amsale Abrerra from the Christos line, courtesy of

wedding dress by Reem Acra, courtesy of

oh di ba kahit nakatalikod pretty parin 🙂

wedding dress by Mercedes Canovas, courtesy of

The Wedding Dress – Part II


So after spending almost 4 months of  browsing the internet, Divisoria hunt, bridal fairs, I finally came up with my list:

1. Mel Orlina

2. Camille Garcia

3. Hana Saab-Tomacruz

I saw their websites through They are equally good on their craft, I like all their creations. I asked their rates for the wedding dress and they ranges pretty much the same. But my heart goes to Hana naks!

I picked her because:

1. She gave me a fair rate for the dress I want.

2. Her shop is in San Juan, which a major plus because H-T-B lives in San Juan also.

3. She understands what I want, and we share the same aesthetics on wedding dress. (aesthetics daw oh feeling designer lang?)

4. She’s easy to talk to and very humble, which is what I like most about her.

5. And when I saw her sister’s gown this gave me the THIS IS! factor see:

I told Hana what I want for my gown. I told her I want mermaid/trumpet silhouette, I don’t like shiny fabrics, I don’t like too much crystal beadings and I want lace for my gown and a back story. hehe! She understands me very well and she drew this sketch.

This is the sketch Hana made for me.

A week after I booked her, the lining of my gown and petticoat is done already, that was fast! And she scheduled me for my first fitting. 🙂 yey!

First Fitting

I love the silhouette :). The panels definitely made me look taller. The length of the gown is measured for 5 inches heels. Yes, I’m planning to wear 5 inches heels so that I will not look awkward in pictures because H-T-B stands 5’10”, don’t ask about my height LOL!

The side view

ooppss blurry 🙂

The petticoat 🙂

The Wedding Dress


This could be the toughest part of the wedding planning for me so far, because I have to find a couturier that is within my set budget. At first, I’m firm that I will not splurge on something that I will wear once. I’d sworn to myself that I will never go over the budget for a dress. As much as possible if I can find the couturier  that will fit within my budget I will go for it. So I went to Divisoria the haven for all bargain stuff even wedding dresses, every bride-to-be will consider this place because you can find a decent mananahi here just bring a photo of your gown and they can make it for you. Here, I did not worry about the budget because every shop I went to, the rates they gave me were either within or under the budget which is great. But still, I can’t decide because I don’t see any shop who can make the gown I want for my wedding day. The materials of the gown I saw in Divisoria were mostly either shiny fabrics, or uberly sprinkled in beads which is not my thing. Plus, I didn’t see any shop who uses a delicate lace, every lace I saw looks kukurtinahin to me. 🙂

So the battle of splurging and saving begins from my dismay of finding the couturier in Divisoria. And looks like I’m rooting for splurging this time. Just to rationalize my reasons here it is: (yes, I want to list it down so that I can read this to myself again and again, so-I-won’t-be-guilty-of-being-selfish-of-going-out-my-budget-for-my-gown-because-I’m-not!) haha!

1. “At first, I’m firm that I will not splurge on something that I will wear once.” – This is what I told myself before, now it’s the other way around. I will get marry ONCE, it is one of the most important day of my life and I want to look my best on that day. PERIOD.

2. Scrimping on the dress could risk its quality.

3 . I want to look perfect in pictures.

4. I want to wear the gown I envisioned myself wearing that day.

5. I don’t want to put myself on a situation ‘na napilitan lang’ that I have to force myself to like the dressI don’t want to be like the other brides who regret wearing their wedding gown.

I can say I won’t regret this decision because I actually feel good about it. 🙂

Initial food tasting – K. by Cunanan


I’ve read a lot of good reviews about K. by Cunanan on the internet. Luckily, they are one of the accredited caterers of Light of Love. So without having tasted the food yet, we booked them right away. 🙂 I know I did the right decision when we had our first food tasting with them (by the way, this is my favorite part).

Their menu is different from the other caterers I have tried before. They already have the venue styling included on their package so for me it’s a plus. It’s up to you if you want to upgrade the flowers and the decors, but for me the basic set up of K. by Cunanan is enough because it’s very stylish na and not the usual table set up lang. 

Here are some of our pictures during our initial food tasting with K. by Cunanan:


Another couple waiting for their turn…


hey you! bored na?


Raspberry Juice – love!


Another thing I like about K. by Cunanan is their cocktail hour 🙂 We will be having 3 appetizers for our cocktail hour, this hoisin crackling pork wrap will make it to our list.

The Crackers with smoked tanigue and horseradish is okay but for me it’s a bit salty.


For the soup we tried the squash… I love this soup because it’s very rich in flavor.


Top left – Barbecued baby back ribs, corn with parsley butter Top right – Honey Nut Prawns

Bottom left– Supreme of chicken, herbed cream sauce, Middle right – Mixed seafood pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes, pesto drizzle and  Bottom right – Carrot rice

The carrot rice is a must-have on our list, it compliments the taste of the dish. My fiance’ and I agreed to include this on our list instead of the plain rice only.

Baby back ribs – based on the other blogs a must-have for the menu. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

Honey Nut Prawns – this will be included on our list. I super love prawns, that I don’t care if my guests have allergies LOL! We’ll just give away antihistamine haha!

Supreme of chicken, herbed cream sauce – hmm for this one, I can’t say anything bad about this dish. But I’m still undecided if I will include this.

Mixed seafood pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes, pesto drizzle – I love seafood pasta plus the pesto, yum! But I’m still thinking if I will include this because this is one of the ‘not usual dish’  and my guests might not appreciate this  because they’re may be into the red sauce or white sauce kind of pasta. I will try the other pasta on the menu next food tasting to see if I could find an alternative 🙂

Salad: Insalata caprese,orange,walnut,strawberry vinaigrette. I’m big fan of salad so when I tried this one I knew this could be a included on our list.


For the dessert, we had Flambeed mangoes with vanilla ice cream and Queso de bola cheesecake.

I love mango, but I want something different for the dessert. The Queso de bola cheesecake is quite heavy for me.

Will have another appointments as per our AE Macy Dy for the final food tasting (food tasting uli yey!) and for the table set up 🙂 This will happen 1 month before our wedding day can’t wait!

The Wedding Theme


Since day one of our wedding preparation, I want the autumn/fall theme already. It complements the colors I want for our wedding, tangerine tango, blue and plum.


Color Palettes : Tangerine Tango, Blue and Plum

I choose tangerine tango, because it is the color of the year. And for me it is a power color, it has the same element with red which is fire.


Blue is my favorite color since I was a child. Blue is the coolest color, calm and soothing. Actually I’m still undecided what shade of blue to choose, I’m torn between peacock blue and cobalt blue.

I choose plum, because somehow it is the combination of both colors tangerine and blue. And I want a color that is feminine and will balance two vibrant colors:)

For the Theme: Autumn/Fall

Mood:  romantic, whimsical, vibrant colors, rustic

Here are some of my inspirations for the wedding:



Blue and Purple Wedding Decorating Ideas